What are Japanese Melons?

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The rough texture on the exterior of Japanese muskmelons distinguishes them as a high-class fruit that is both aromatic and tasty. Earls melon and Andean melon have greenish flesh, whereas Yubari melons and Lupia Red melons have orange-colored flesh. Home Run melons have a white interior and Prince melons with an interior that changes from yellowish-green on the exterior to orange in the center are examples of melons with a soft exterior without an external net pattern. Some plants are cultivated in greenhouses, while others are not. Greenhouse-grown melons are managed to produce only one fruit per plant by controlling temperature as well as watering.


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Earls melon is a premium melon with luscious green flesh and outstanding sweetness produced by cultivating a single fruit across each vine. They are known as “the king of melons” and are frequently presented as gifts. They are in season between early August to September across many regions of Japan.


Yubari melons can only be found in Yubari, Hokkaido. The smooth, sweet, succulent flesh of these bright orange fruits melts on your tongue. From mid-June to early August, Yubari melons seem to be in season. They’re edible when the rind becomes pale yellow and also the stem dies, but they mature faster than other types of melons, so be careful not to overripen them.


The Prince melon was produced in Japan and initially introduced in 1961, quickly garnering popularity among ordinary people due to its inexpensive cost.


The skin of Lupia Red melons is very delicately netted. Their peel is thin, and the orange-colored flesh is hard and long-lasting, although when fully ripe, it is soft and easy to consume.

Ibara King

The Ibara King is a cultivar that originated in Ibaraki Prefecture and is known for its silky texture, pleasant sweetness, and beautiful aroma. The flesh is green and contains a lot of sugar. People anxiously anticipate its rich flavor, which is in season from May to June and occasionally transported as early as April.

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  • Yubari melons are the costliest melons nowadays. They can only be found in a tiny part of Japan.
  • Melons have been grown in Egypt since the age of 2000 B.C. And during the time of1400s and 1500s, Spanish immigrants brought melons to America.
  • Squash and cucumbers have a lot in common with melons.


improves vision

Better Eyesight

Because of its high beta carotene concentration, Japanese Melon is a great meal for eye health. These very same vitamins that provide carrots their orange shade also provide Japanese Melon its coloring and advantages.

keeps hydrated

Saves from Dehydration

You will remain hydrated by eating high-water content fruits like Japanese Melon in addition to drinking adequate water. On a hot day, melon is a fantastic snack because it includes over 90% water in its body. It’s also a rich supplier of potassium, an electrolyte.

prevents cancer

Prevents Cancer

The strong antioxidant activity of Japanese Melon contributes to the scavenging of free radicals before they cause serious harm. The peel and seeds of the Japanese melon have been found to inhibit the development of tumor cells in the kidney, intestinal area, and pelvic area.


Reduces Hypertension

Japanese Melon, like many fruits, is relatively low in sodium and rich in potassium.  High potassium plus low sodium is a good combination for lowering blood pressure.

smooth skin

Protects Skin

Despite eating Japanese Melon can not replace the requirement for protection from the sun, it may make your body recuperate from sunburns faster.

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Before cutting the Japanese melons, make sure they’re clean. 16 Use a vegetable brush and tap water to clean. Washing melons with soap is not advised. Because the fruit’s skin is permeable, soap can get into the interior. The majority of melons are ready around June. Sweets made with melons will be available as special menu items in cafés, diners, and other locations during that time of year. Other melon-centered treats, such as melon sorbet as well as melon with whipped cream, are famous in addition to decorating parfaits and cakes.

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Keep in mind that because melons are taken before they ripen, many of the ones you’ll see on grocery shelves are still immature. Those having a strong aroma when sold are likely to be overripe and therefore should be avoided. When the net is elevated and uniformly dispersed, it is stated that melons with mesh skin are the most delectable. The sweetness of the melon appears to be unaffected by the delicacy of the net. We take care of the Japanese melons to keep them fresh and deliver them to your doorstep. Buy Japanese Melon online from the exotic fruits collection and get the authentic taste of good health!


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