What are Custard Apples?

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Custard apple is a good source of iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, as well as calcium, among other minerals. Interestingly, the potassium and magnesium in custard apple aid in dilating your blood vessels, which benefits heart health, blood pressure management, and artery blockage prevention. It is beneficial for skin and hair health since it contains vitamin C and A. Furthermore, eating custard apples can assist to increase immunity effectively. In reality, this tiny fruit can contribute to the regeneration of cell damage produced by free radicals in the surroundings, and its high antioxidant content qualifies it as a remarkable fruit.


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Pinks Mammoth & African Pride are the two most common Custard Apple types. They’re both sweet, juicy, and flavorful. Pinks Mammoth are big, delicious fruits that some farmers hand pollinates before flowering to improve form.  African Pride varieties are medium-sized fruits and rest very well on its tree. When fully grown, both fruits have a thickness to them and the bumps have smoothed out. They also change color from dark to bright green. When fully grown, Pinks Mammoth might also have a yellowish change between various stages of the fruit’s growth.

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  • The majority of the plant components of the custard apple appear to have bioactive compounds.   Custard apple fruit significantly saves you from diabetes, obesity, microbes, and cancer effects, according to research.
  • Few fruits or meals have as broad a spectrum of biological properties as custard apple, and it looks to be on par with, if not better than, other incredibly healthy fruits like blueberry.
  • Throughout the 17th century, it was also brought to tropical Africa. It goes by a variety of names based on the area, but they all refer to its physical attributes. It is known as the sugar tree in the USA.
  • Parameters of 73 to 94 degrees F, considerable humidity, particularly during flowering, and wet soil are ideal for the custard tree. They are drought resistant, although, in dry regions, the trees shrink and drop their leaves. They do not flourish in frigid climates.
  • When the fruit gets mature, it’s easy to pick it up from the stem. The fleshy section of the fruit may be scraped away from the skin and consumed in several ways. They’re great in milkshakes, frozen yogurt, and custards, as well as cakes.


Improves Mental Health

Improves Mental Health

Vitamin B6 is prevalent in custard apples, and it supports brain function by increasing the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. This also aids in boosting brain health and naturally decreasing stress as well as mood swings.

Relaxes Muscles

Reduces Weakness

Magnesium, found in custard apples, contributes to the maintenance of a proper water balance in the body as well as the reduction of inflammation. A good water balance in the body facilitates the removal of toxins and acids, which assists in the treatment of rheumatism as well as arthritis.

Better Digestion

Saves from Improper Digestion

The copper component of this fruit benefits in the relief of constipation. Furthermore, consuming this fruit helps in the treatment of dysentery and diarrhea. Aside from that, it’s a fantastic food for digestion and metabolism because of the concentration of Vitamin A.

improves vision

Good for Vision

Custard apples are your best choice if you’re seeking a natural approach to improving your vision. These fruits are high in vital vitamins including vitamin C and vitamin A, which can help you enhance your vision.

smooth skin

Fastens Healing

The white flesh of the custard apple, which is rich in vitamin A, is an excellent natural treatment for ulcers and boils. It not only helps to moisturize the skin, but it also helps to reduce redness and irritation.

Avoids Miscarriage

Good for Pregnancy

Custard apples are said to be a magical fruit for pregnant women since they assist with mood swings, nausea, as well as numbness.

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Custard apples are high in Vitamin A, which is good for your skin and hair. This fruit is also good for the eyes and might help with indigestion. This fruit is crucial to be included in your diet because it contains copper, which aids in the treatment of constipation and diarrhea. Take out the flesh-covered black seeds and remove them with your hands upon cutting. The rich pulp creates a luscious cake or can also be used in a smoothie or a delicious drink by compressing the flesh and squeezing the juice. The almost-white-colored flesh has a ripe pear-like consistency and a delicate, creamy, custard-like flavor.

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If a custard apple feels slightly soft when gently pushed, it is ripe. Custard apples are available in two states: ready to eat and still firm to the touch. If this is the case, let it mature for a few days before eating. Place the fruit in a brown paper bag along with a banana and set it on the kitchen counter to speed up the ripening process. We take care of the custard apples to keep them fresh and deliver them to your doorstep. Buy custard apple online from the exotic fruits collection and get the authentic taste of good health!


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