Rich Fruits: From $50K For 12 Mangoes To $4,395 For A Single Strawberry

Densuke Watermelons $6,000 Densuke Watermelons sell at auctions in Japan for exorbitant prices, typically anywhere from $2000-5000, per melon. Those big prices are only paid for the first few [...]

The Top 16 Foods to Eat in the Summer

You know summer’s the perfect time to switch to flip-flops, but did you know it’s also the right time to change your diet? Being outdoors more often—and sweating—ups your risk for [...]

Top 10 Fruits To Eat To Lose Weight Quickly

We have combed through the listings to give you some of the best fruits that will aid in weight loss process. Most of the fruits that will be mentioned in this article have already won raves for [...]

12 Reasons Why You Should Eat a Mango Everyday

If you like sweets and plenty nutrition, mango is the perfect fruit for you! Mangoes may very well be the king of all fruits because they fight cancer, alkalize the body, regulate diabetes, help [...]


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