What are Avocados?

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An Avocado is a brilliant green fruit with a big seed as well as dark leathery skin and is a popular fruit. Alligator pears and butter fruit are other names for them. Avocados are a fruit market favorite. For guacamole dips, they’re a must-have ingredient. They may be found in anything from salads to sandwiches to smoothies and sometimes even brownies. But what gives this pear-shaped berry become a great fruit? Avocados have a low sugar content. They also include fiber, which helps you feel fuller for extended periods of time. In one research, participants who ate a half of a fresh avocado with their lunch were less hungry for the next three hours than others who didn’t.


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The Choquette avocado, a common Florida type, may easily outweigh two pounds. However, unlike many other kinds, the Choquette’s weight is primarily made up of water. When you cut this fruit with a knife, a lime-green colored juice pours out. The flesh is silky smooth, with a moderate taste.


The Tonnage is a traditional avocado on the surface, with a pear-shaped form, frog-green mottled skin, and a narrow neck going to the stem, yet it is extremely sweet when eaten. Whereas the oil content is minimal, about 8 to 10% fat. It is buttery and has a mild and delicious chestnut essence.


This tiny avocado feature exquisite smooth skin and a pointy, acorn-shaped pit encased in creamy, sticky flesh, making it a highly popular variety in Australia.


When completely ripe, this luscious type has a globular bottom that bends deeply into the stalk, thick as well as creamy flesh with a delicious taste, and is extravagantly smooth and buttery.


The Hass avocado is a favorite all around the world thanks to its high-fat interior, nutty flavoring, and almond butter texture. Its oil content may be as large as 20%, and also its skin is robust and resilient, making it excellent for shipping and spreading guacamole for the Super Bowl.

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  • During the Super Bowl, the United States consumes the most avocados. Guacamole may not be the only way to eat avocados, though. Avocados are commonly found in salads and dips, but they may also be found in bread, sweets, major meals, and non-culinary treatments for cosmetics and other treatments.
  • The avocado is treated quite differently in various areas of the world. Avocados are eaten in Taiwan with sugar and milk. For a refreshing drink, Indonesians combine them with dairy, coffee, as well as rum.
  • Avocados are typically grown in tropical areas such as Mexico, California, Hawaii, as well as Florida. California is the leading avocado grower in the United States, producing 95 percent of the crop and 85 percent of the Hass type.
  • The quality and texture of avocados vary depending on where they are grown. Avocados produced in Florida are less fattening and harder, but Hass avocados from Mexico are ideal for crushing and whisking.


Manage Weight

Get Healthy Fats

Despite the fact that fat accounts for the majority of the calories in an avocado, but don’t be afraid to eat it! Our fresh Avocados are high in healthy, beneficial fats that help you feel satisfied and full. When you eat fat, your brain sends a signal that tells you to stop eating. Eating fat inhibits carbohydrate digestion, which helps to maintain blood sugar levels steady. Fat is required by each and every cell in our body. Eating healthy fats promotes skin health, boosts the immune system, and improves the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins, enzymes, as well as other nutrients.

improves vision

Improve Eyesight

Avocados include lutein and zeaxanthin, two phytonutrients that are particularly abundant in the tissues of the eyes, where they give antioxidant protection against damage, including that caused by UV radiation. Avocados’ unsaturated fatty acids aid in the intake of other important fat-soluble antioxidant properties, such as beta-carotene, thus, you must include them in your meals which may help to lower your risk of age-related vision loss.

strong bones

Fight Osteoporosis

Almost half an avocado has around 25% of the daily required vitamin K consumption. This vitamin is frequently underappreciated, yet it is critical for bone health. When it comes to minerals necessary for supporting healthy bones, vitamin K is frequently overshadowed by calcium and vitamin D. However, consuming a diet rich in vitamin K can help bone health by boosting calcium absorption and lowering calcium excretion via the urine.

prevents cancer

Fight Cancer

It may help decrease the adverse effects of chemotherapy in human lymphocytes, according to a test-tube research. Avocado extract has also been proven in a lab setting to prevent the development of prostate cancer cells.


Get Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as antioxidants including carotenoids, must be paired with fat to be metabolized in the body. Avocado or avocado oil eaten with veggies has been found in studies to substantially boost the quantity of nutrients your body needs.

lose weight

Lose Weight

Avocados are full of fiber, which might help you feel full after eating them. Following on, you’ll be less prone to eat empty calories.

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Aside from fat, avocados include vitamins and minerals that are necessary for weight management. A diet rich in avocados may help you lose weight, reduce your BMI, and shrink your waist circumference. A monounsaturated diet inhibits body fat distribution all around abdomen by controlling the expression of certain fat genes, according to research findings. They are said to promote satiety and act as appetite suppressants. Avocados’ content adds bulk to your food, going to make you feel full immediately and that for a long time. Satiety may be obtained with as little as two teaspoons of guacamole when consumed with other nutritious meals.

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It’s perfectly ripe to eat when the avocado responds to firm moderate pressure. Avocados that are ripe and ready to eat will have a deeper hue, but color can vary, so feel as well as look. It will feel mildly soft and smooth, but again not “spongy.” If you want to consume the fruit within a day or two, keep it refrigerated to avoid it getting overripe or spoilt. We take care of the avocados to keep them fresh and deliver them at your doorstep. Buy avocados online from the exotic fruits collection and get the authentic taste of good health!



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